Beth Whitlow

"Whitlow has a unique way of understanding the individual personality of dogs, and it shows in her unique pet portraits." - Wendy Newell, Dogster

"I recently discovered these incredible pet portraits by Beth Whitlow and I must say they are a delightful breath (or brush) of fresh air in the animal artwork world. Bright, vibrant and bursting with quirky mannerisms..." - Laura Benn, Pawsh Magazine

"Beth Whitlow is another Russellville artist that is quickly on the rise. One reason is the sense of humor she incorporates in her paintings and another is her favorite subject matter, dogs! If you are a dog-lover you need to check out Beth Whitlow, she will make you smile!” - Winston Taylor, Ceramic Artist

The work of internationally known artist, Beth Whitlow, is characterized by a fresh, whimsical perspective on dog portraiture. Her current body of work focuses on the juxtaposition of the fantasy world and reality, while providing a refreshing commentary on the canine intellect. Using the glamour of fashion to represent each dog’s personality, each piece shows the unspoken expectations house pets must have by how they are treated as equals in our families.